A tropical update

Ocean View

Since the M2O race I have been all over the place racing, on rivers.  I was on the Weber River in Park City Utah, the Columbia Gorge in Hood River, Oregon and on the Potomac in Washington DC.  All very different races in different conditions but all very fun and unique.  Then to top it all off yesterday I did a downwinder on Santa Rosa Sound here in Pensacola, Florida with wind provided by tropical storm Isaac which is about to hit somewhere in Louisiana.  My family has been through four hurricanes over the years we spent in Florida and I hope everyone affected by Isaac comes through okay.  Being in a hurricane is bad enough but then the aftermath is a long road to recovery.  Keeping fingers crossed that this is not a bad one.  The picture above is the Gulf of Mexico this morning, already looking crazy.  Next up is the SUP World Series in Cocoa Beach, Fl then the big one…the Battle of the Paddle in California.  Aloha, ST